Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kanji Adventure

Today I have officially memorized 500 kanji.

Since the beginning of June, I've been (re-)memorizing one hundred kanji per week using the Heisig method. By October I hope to be able to recognize the meaning of every Joyo kanji I encounter upon. After that will I only begin to actually study how to 'pronounce' them.

I even got no plans of (re-)learning Nihongo grammar just yet. My goal this year is simply just to be able to read aloud written Japanese.

Still got 1,542 more to go. Ganbarimasu!



Rev. Aron Aghama said...

Ganbatte Kudasai Ian San Desu!

Chotto Nihonngo desu Wakarimasu Daijubu Desu!

otsokare samadesu! Yoroshiku onegaisemasu!

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