Sunday, June 1, 2014

Enochian Journal 4: Praying to Enochian Gods

I have finally completed my portable Enochian magic kit just in time for the Lenten break. I decided to start immediately on Donald Tyson's 19-day working from his book "Enochian Magic for Beginners". The 19-day working is a set of prayers geared towards each group of the Enochian hierarchy, beginning from highest (the Secret God names) to the lowest (the servient angels). It's a great way to practice the ritual procedure and familiarize myself with the all the entities of the hierarchy. After the 19-day working I expect to be more familiar and more confident with Enochiana, and only then will I call my angel of choice (to do my bidding and such).

During the entire Lenten break, I recited invocations for each of the God names of the four Watchtowers. Because these are Supreme Beings of the Divine plane, I wouldn't dare call them into manifestation. But I did ask for signs and messages after the first night.

And because I type faster than I write, I posted my experiences and observations on Facebook immediately after ritual. I know it's supposed to be personal, but I have friends who are more experienced on this sort of thing and their suggestions have been really valuable.

My altar set up.  Dagger and wand hidden from view. I decided to include Enochian Skrying Cards just it case the obsidian ball doesn't work for me.

1st Day: God Name of the Watchtower of Air
April 18, 2014 (Good Friday)
First night of Enochian working. Reciting an invocation to the god name of the Eastern Watchtower, ORO IBAH AOZPI. This is just the most elaborate ritual setup ever. No skyring or astral travel work yet. Didn't recite the calls. Though I tried to peek at the obsidian ball. Mostly clouds, then a figure of a man sinking, and some word that spelled AYOA. Didn't get it, but I wasn't expecting visions anyway. (After this, I decided to explicitly ask for visions after each prayer.) 

2nd Day: God Name of the Watchtower of Earth
April 19, 2014 (Black Saturday)
Reciting a prayer to MOR DIAL HCTGA, god name of the Northern Watchtower. Again, nothing on the crystal ball but from time to time a face would appear (not mine). It does not respond to my questions. Apparently it's a 'lost' entity (not Enochian). I tried to banish it away by the name of Adonai Melekh, and I think it worked. Still no visions appear in the ball even though I asked for a sign. I was beginning to doubt my visionary skills. But when I looked at the skrying card, I saw a scene: a desert, there was a stampede of bulls (or maybe a battle), and among it is a magnificent god-like creature riding a golden chariot which was being pulled by a dark horse with flaming hair. I could hear the sound of the hooves and the chariot. The god-creature has a head and wings of an eagle or a hawk, wearing a something like an Ancient Mesopotamian costume and it was pointing to the sun. I got a bit confused because the scene was very Fire-y, whereas the Golden Dawn associates MOR DIAL HCTGA to the element Earth. Whatever, I took note of it nonetheless. I think the creature is an angel of the Northern Watchtower, if not MOR DIAL HCTGA him/herself. It was a short vision and I had no interaction with the creature. I didn't recite the Enochian calls.

3rd Day: God Name of the Watchtower of Water
April 20, 2014 (Easter Sunday)
Invocation to MPH ARSL GAIOL (Watchtower of Water/West). I forgot to take a photo of the altar but here's the skyring card showing the symbol of the Western Watchtower before I packed things up. Although I'm really not doing Enochian vision magic yet, I've been asking the powers-that-be for some sign to appear in/on the ball. After reciting the prayer and after a few minutes staring at the ball, there came a serpent-dragon that moved gracefully within the crystal ball - like a sea snake in a spherical aquarium. It was amusing to watch, then later I realized it was forming an infinity symbol ∞. It disappeared, then I waited for some more visions - repeatedly reciting the names MPH ARSL GAIOL or Elohim Sabaoth, but there was no more. Then, as I did yesterday, I took up the skyring card on my palms. Almost immediately, I heard some bubbling and *glug-glug* sounds and water began to spring forth from the card. I almost did an eye-roll because it was so cliché - water on a the watchtower of Water (yesterday it was a fiery scene on the watchtower of the Earth). The water began to part, and I could see there was something at the bottom of it. I couldn't quite see what it was so I closed my eyes, changed into astral travel mode, and went into the water. I swam, and saw the serpent in the water again, which was blue (again, cliché) and was actually really huge, like a sea monster. This must be the creature associated with MPH ARSL GAIOL or Elohim Sabaoth. It was going elsewhere so I followed it. After quite a long travel, we came into a pile of treasure chests. I think these were the things that I saw earlier when the water parted. Some of the chests were open and had piles of gold coins in them. I asked the serpent dragon if I could open one of the closed chests but it didn't respond. I opened one anyway. Inside there was a severed human hand, wearing a large ring of ruby and gold. I asked the serpent what these all mean, but got no response. I asked again, no response, and asked again, and it got very angry and charged at me as if it's going to eat me. I stepped out of the water and the vision before it could. I guess I'm not yet worthy to have knowledge of some things. I realize the creatures do not interact with me - maybe since I'm not reciting the Enochian key. I guess I shouldn't be demanding too much for now and be content with the short visions. I was just asking for some sign anyway.

Lesson learned: 1.) Do not take too long on visions for now. There is no Enochian keys yet. There is a risk that I might end up 'forcing' the visions. Be content with the signs. 2.) The vision stops when it stops. Do not try to continue the vision. (The water thing was suspiciously cliché.)

4th Day: God Name of the Watchtower of Fire
April 21, 2014
Invocation to the god name OIP TEAA PDOCE, Watchtower of the South/Fire. Last god-name invocation. I have pretty much accepted I'm not very good at skrying on the crystal ball (or I haven't learned the technique yet) so after the invocations I went on straight to use the skrying card instead. I took the card on my palms and the card turned into a moth, just a bit bigger than my hands. It was a light bluish gray color, and there was a pattern on its wings that very much look like a pair of human eyes. It started to flutter its wings. Just before it flew, I went into astral travel mode and followed it. The journey was quite long, until we finally came upon a weird-looking forest. What makes it weird is that there were giant penises (about 3 - 4 feet high) protruding from the soil, like mushrooms. The moth landed on the meatus (the hole on the penis. I had to google that) of one of the giant phalluses and started to drink its nectar (or precum, whatever that was). I left the forest, the vision, and stopped skrying on the card. I turned my attention to the crystal ball. There I saw what happened in a speedier time frame. The moth shed its wings and became a human, the human eventually died, its corpse came back to earth, and from the earth sprung forth the giant phallus. What a weird depiction of the cycle of life and death and transformation.


Guerric John said...

What is a skrying card? Just curious.

Murmur said...

Here: :)

Guerric John said...

How does skrying work? Because when you say "I took the card on my palms and it turned into a moth" I assume that in your mind's eye the card did that. So it's a kind of vision? Sorry for my questions. I own a deck of tarot. Can I skry with a regular tarot deck?

Christian Fernandez said...

Yes, it is exactly what you said. A vision in the mind's eye.

And yes, you can use a regular tarot deck. I actually started with that. Some magicians use the tarot as a tool to perform a more advanced for of skrying, which is called "pathworking".

Mage418 said...

This work is amazing hope to see more updates as you progress

Murmur said...

Thank you for reading my blog!

An Humble Messenger of the Law of One said...

Thank you for sharing. I am getting into Enochian Magic and am nervous about it, but from your shared experience I feel confident. Whatever the Source of this material, the collective shared mind of people, with intentions of connecting to the Angelic Realm, creates that reality. These are indeed gateways, and are protected by angels, and lead unto Angels: true, even if the source of were human -- for the original intention behind the whole enterprise, combined with the collective mind of person's sincerely engaged in such for hundreds of years -- and indeed at this present moment somewhere on our sphere (earth) someone is likely doing magic: there is a real Force. Thanks again for your openness and courage. May peace be with you.

Admin said...

The penises is quite humorous but I love this. I will practice enochian soon but I will prepare first with astral and protective enchantment since I'm pretty this will be a very dangerous kind of paganism.

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