Friday, April 18, 2014

Enochian Journal 3: Completing the Temple - the Lamen, the Ring, and the Round Tablet

"Magick is not something you do, magick is something you are" 
- Donald Michael Kraig

My temple is finally complete - just in time for Good Friday, which is today (as I write this post), and which was about the same time Dee and Kelly received the Holy Book from the Archangel Raphael. I'm not going to start immediately with calling a specific angel though. I plan to work through Donald Tyson's 19-day working in his Book of Spirits: a set of invocations that addresses all the angels of the four Watchtowers, from the highest in the hierarchy to the lowest, as you go along. I think it's a nice way to properly introduce myself with the entities as a whole, and consecrate my tools in doing so.

"Adonai Sabaoth, Lord of Hosts, the fountain of true wisdom,...Light my soul and make me a seer of visions...Let it please your angels to dwell with me, that I may dwell with them; to rejoice with me, that I may rejoice with them; to minister unto me, that I may magnify your names among them...By the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen. Amen. Amen." - Donald Tyson, Enochian Magic for Beginners (Appendix A: Enochian Book of Spirits)

Thankfully I'm having no issues with the Christian themes. Yes, I'm pagan, but I'm also a chaos mage. We're pretty good at fooling ourselves.

The Lamen, the Ring, and the Round Tablet of Nalvage

I got a thick-banded, stainless steel ring for 60 pesos from a stall inside a mall that sells cheap jewelry. On this, I superglued the PELE bezel made of two small boards pasted together (for thickness) and painted with gesso and silver acrylic. The PELE symbol itself was simply hand-drawn with a gel pen.

The Lamen and the Round Tablet of Nalvage were also made from two boards glued together. For the Lamen I sandwiched an ID strap between the boards, making sure that the strap is just the right length so that the Lamen would fall nicely at the center of my chest when I put it on. The thin lines were drawn with a silver gel pen, while the Enochian letters with a silver-inked permanent marker. I painted the sides of the Lamen and the Tablet with black acrylic to hide the color of the paper and just so they don't end up looking like a school project.

So there. I basically built an Enochian temple made of school supplies and cheap materials. What I've always wanted to tell starting magicians - however cringingly cliché it is - is that the magic is within you. (Ok, I'll barf now.) It's a pretty popular notion, but you would see more people looking for and collecting magic things rather making magic themselves. The latter is hard, I know, but magic isn't supposed to be easy. That's what that "to dare" part is for.

And speaking of daring, it's now time to speak with the angels.

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