Monday, April 7, 2014

Enochian Journal 1: Creating the Tabula Sancta

I've finally gone through Lon Milo Duquette's "Enochian Vision Magick" taking notes on the way. Now I have decided to re-read Donald Tyson's "Enochian Magic for Beginners". I will still be applying LMD's approach but I believe reading other books will give me a more well-rounded view of the Enochian system, Golden Dawn or non-Golden Dawn. Duquette is known for his non-BS, down-to-earth, easy to understand manner, so Tyson's hoity-toity, self-assured tone of writing will take a bit to get used to. And then there's his Enochian Apocalypse theory, which is really hard for me to buy. I find Tyson to be pretty good when it comes to objective research, but I would take his personal conclusions - in this book especially - with a grain of salt, and preferably with margarita.

It's also time to finally get down and dirty with building my Enochian magic kit while practicing my skrying and visionary skills when I have time to. I'm starting with the Tabula Sancta since I already made one before and I figure it is the easiest to do among the bunch. I think I'll get by pretty well with office supplies for now.

I've been studying Enochiana during my weekend cafĂ© moments. Last week, I was practicing to draw the Sigillum Dei Aemeth. This time, I'm trying to complete the Lamen in Enochian letters before the coffee gets lukewarm. Apparently my mnemonic device works. I finally know how to write with them. The donut sucks by the way. 

Bought my Enochian temple starter kit from National Bookstore and SM home depot for less than 500 pesos. I had to pay even less thanks to gift checks from my boss. Time to turn these stuff into magic.

Done pencilling the Tabula Sancta after an hour and a half of work. I forgot to buy a compass so I had to find the central points the hard way: counting lines on the T-square and using a calculator. Still happy with the result though.

For inking I used a metallic-silver permanent marker. Thankfully the wooden surface's finish allows the ink to cling. I love how the ink reflects the light, it almost seems like it's glowing. Now to finally put the 100 Enochian letters in. 

And...voila! I finally have a mini Table of Practice. It took me about 3 hours to complete - with breaks for uploading photo updates in Facebook and eating a midnight snack, all while listening to French FM radio. Learning the Enochian alphabet really helped in speeding up the process. The size of this table is only 8"x8" so the Seven Ensigns will obviously need to be quite small. These will be impossible for me to make by hand so I'll regrettably have to make do with printed copies.

All in all, here are what I need to make:

Enochian Temple Kit

  • Table or Practice (done, yay.)
  • Lamen
  • PELE ring
  • 7 Ensigns of Creation
  • 5 Sigillvm Dei Aemeth 


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