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Enochian Journal 7: The Last Five Days of Initiation

"...I am become a seer in the light of your countenance. I see your shining angels and magnify your name among them. Adonai Sabaothאדני צבאות, I, C.F.F., call upon the power of your Name. In the power of your mighty Name this work of invocation is well and truly fulfilled. Amen. Amen. Amen."

I called upon Enochian Gods, seniors, kerubs, and now it's finally time to meet the entities at the lowest level of the angelic hierarchy - the ones I will probably work with most often. The servient angels may be the clerks and desk jockeys of the Enochian world but that doesn't make them any less wondrous. Maybe it's my "new-improved" psychic powers, but they actually felt more visceral to me than the entities I've met before. Most of the time, I also didn't have to visit an astral landscape just to meet the servient angels, they tend to choose to appear in front of me instead, whether in my room, or in my shiny black crystal ball.

The 19-day initiatory rite has finally come to a close. Yes, the whole thing was just an initiation. And yes, despite what it is called, it unfortunately spanned quite a number of months because, you know, work (and Skyrim). Not only have I got a better understanding of the system now but I also got to improve my shamanic skills, especially that tricky part about diving in and out between the astral and the material world. I do feel a lot better prepared now and a lot more confident to work with a specific Enochian entity. I'm very glad that I decided to do this and that I persisted despite the challenges of the modern day life schedule.

My aim now is to keep and improve on what I have learned. However, I wouldn't dare to call an Enochian entity when I don't have any need to. And I wouldn't want to create a need just so I have an excuse to call them. So maybe I'll just explore a random square once a week via spirit vision. I'm also looking into using the Enochian Skrying Tarot as a divination tool - it was made for that anyway. I'm also figuring out how to make Enochian talismans. I'm sure all the astral work and the spiritual exercises have its merits but I am also determined to use this magical system for practical purposes too. There are frustratingly quite a few (if there's any) written about using Enochian magic for mundane endeavors. Some say it is too "pure", too "sacred", to use for mundane goals but for some reason my adventurous heart just refuses to believe that.

I have decided to adopt the Golden Dawn Enochian system since I'm already quite familiar with the correspondences, but I'm also quite open about incorporating classical Enochiana where it would permit. There's so much to do and explore, I'm actually excited. But I shall be taking it more slowly from here on lest this blog becomes "Enochian Murmur".

"The Fall of the Rebel Angels", Pieter Bruegel the Elder
An allusion to the Book of Enoch. 

15th Day: The Servient Angels of Medicine
(Lesser Subangle of Air) 
September 19, 2014

[The altar is getting more convoluted. I decided to put the 16 servient angel cards along with all the rest of the spirits and God names I have worked on before.]

A column of dark gray smoke rose from the crystal ball in front of me. It lingered there until eventually it became a serpent, which I realized later was actually a cobra. It just 'stood' there for a few seconds looking at me, then it spread its angel wings. It is a winged serpent - a classical symbol of healing. 

It told me that its name is CZNS, representing the rest of the servient angels of this subangle. I shall realize later why s/he's the one who appeared among all 16 of them.

Since their domain (according to the internet) is healing I asked if all diseases are curable. S/he said yes. But they cannot cure every one, every disease, because doing so will be working against the higher powers. I think s/he meant the angels of destruction/rot/death, which I called upon some weeks ago.

Again, I realized we are not in a different landscape. We are talking in my room. I asked the creature to show me their 'world'. It brought me to a desert landscape which is very reminiscent of ancient Egypt. We went inside one of the ancient structures and inside were humans working on some alchemy. We explored the dark, torch-lit corridors a bit more till we went outside, back in the desert again. There I saw a gross scenario. There were two people there, on their knees, eating another 
human. The winged serpent pointed out that the human being eaten is their king. They are eating him so that they can wield his power.

Gross. I had enough of ancient Eegypt so we went back to my room. The spirit CZNS had changed its appearance. It is now a human, a pharaoh even, sitting on a throne. The cobra which I was with earlier is now just a decoration on its headdress (a nemyss). There is a curious symbol on its clothing, a cross inside a triangle.

I wasn't able to ask much questions now. I was just looking at it. It told me that if I no longer need him, I should let him go.Now I got curious with the word he has chosen: "let him go", as if I had this spirit on a leash. It was the first time I got an impression of control over an enochian entity. It must have been the command words in the sephirotic cross which I used to call upon them. I remember these are now the lowest ranked angels I'm talking to. 

And so I ended the session and gathered the skrying cards. Each of the servient angel skyring cards has a keyword inscribed in them: Concentration, Versatility, Power, etc. However, the card of CZNS, my guide, was the most apt for this session: Healing


16th Day: The Servient Angels of Metals and Stones
(Lesser Subangle of Water) 
September 23, 2014

Sometimes these so-called Enochian 'angels' take the silliest of forms.

Something was trying to break out from inside the crystal ball. A small hole cracked open, and a three-clawed hand came out. I waited for a few minutes watching the crystal ball 'hatch', until finally out comes...a demon! It actually looks more like a gargoyle, just about the size of a cat. Its skin is leathery and reddish-brown, with bat-wings, a long tail, long horns curved downwards, and a dog-like face.

Are you an angel or a demon? 
"What difference does it make? These are human terms."

Prove me (that you're not an impostor). It joined its hands together to make an upward triangular shape. An alchemical symbol of fire. I didn't get it. It then pointed its hands downward to form the alchemical symbol of water. I still didn't get why use these as 'proof'. Anyway it didn't matter to me anymore. S/he says s/he is MAGM. 

(I'd get it later when I check the skrying card of MAGM)

I asked if they truly lord of over the domain of metals and stones. As usual, the reply is that they are much more than that. 

"You only think of iron and crystals and stones and minerals in the Earth..." and pointed out that my computer is made of these metals and stones. We even eat minerals. We are made of minerals. 

"You think of these as non-living" and goes on to babble about electricity, magnetism, quantum mechanics, gravity, condensed matter, etc. I think what s/he likes to point out is that metals and stones aren't just static, boring, dead stuff.

What I notice about these servient angels is that, so far, they appear in front of me, unlike the higher angels which I had to visit in their own landscapes. For some reason, I was not interested to see this creature's place.

Session ended after a few more conversation I barely remember now. 

I had already packed my altar before I remembered to check out the skrying card of MAGM. The card's keyword is PLEASURE. And its elemental correspondences are FIRE and WATER. I think that's why the demon-looking angel was making those symbols with its hands.


17th Day: The Servient Angels of Transformation
(Lesser Subangle of Earth)
October 8, 2014

This is the first time I have actually met an Enochian angel that took the form of a typical Western (Christian) angel. It was a woman with long hair in flowing white robes with white wings. She almost looks like Our Lady Mary the Mediatrix. However, there's something weird about her. Her hair and skin are also pure white, almost like porcelain. The only things with color are her eyes, which are like shining, blue jewels. She looked kind of creepy actually. I kind of missed the demon last time. 

There's a kind and caring aura about her though, she reminds me to "focus" whenever I'm beginning to lose my trance.

She did not tell me her name, other than she was invoked by the name VOLXDO. I asked for a 'proof' and she opened her palms showing the symbol of earth and water. I looked it up among the cards and presumed she was ODIOM.

These are the angels of transformation, it was pretty direct description so I couldn't really think about any questions.

Just out of curiosity I asked: "Can I make a person love me?"

"We cannot transform will. we only transform matter."

Apparently they live in a deterministic universe, where each is destined by his/her own fate, which is dictated by the Will of Highest Power (God, probably). I couldn't easily accept it. I was about to begin a philosophical debate but I reckon it would be pretty futile (and I was getting tired).

I was disappointed to learn they only transform matter. Who, then, should I call if I wish to transform myself?

"Are you not matter yourself?" She said.

She then went on about how commerce controls the world today - commerce, which is merely transformation of goods and labor to money. She also talked about something about neurogenesis, transformation of data, etc. I couldn't remember now, I was pretty tired during the working.

Before we parted I noticed something by her foot. There was a black chain tied around her right ankle rooted to the ground. What came to my mind is that even with the powers of transformation they(or we?) are still limited by the "Will of the Highest Power".


18th Day: The Servient angels of Elements and Elementals 
(Lesser Subangle of Air)
October 17, 2014

From the ground sprung two sprouts, spiraling, twisting into each other, becoming one, and growing to a little tree, then to a big tree, then to a HUGE tree whose trunk separates into two main branches looking like a big fat Y. I notice that there are little creatures sitting among its small branches, one of them beckoned me to come closer to the tree.

I climbed the trunk till I got into the space between the two main branches. It was actually a portal to the world of engkantos (elementals). I stepped into the portal and fell deep into a cavern beneath the earth. 

The cavern was brightly lit, and there are creatures there. A few meters in front of me stood an elegant figure. I couldn't tell if it's a man or a woman, his/her features are both manly and effeminate, but s/he's beautiful. S/he wears a royal costume, with a shining green cape bordered with gold lace and a crown of gold and rubies shaped like a crown of twigs. S/he walked towards me with a wooden staff on his/her right hand and a white blossom on his left. S/he was smiling.

"The elementals are all around you. What the uninitiated see as force, probabilities, luck, chance, laws of physics, are the work of the elementals."

S/he said that she was invoked by the name RZIONR. S/he claims that s/he is the angel ADRE.

I didn't ask much about the elements. I was more curious about elementals. I wondered if they truly are all around us. Even in the office? I've always thought of them as being in natury places.

"Of course." If mice and flies make their way in our building, why can't elementals?

S/he explained that not all of them are useful. Some are merely scavengers. (Note that these are my own wordings)

S/he gave me the white blossom and in it is some dark-colored stuff, it looks like a big jewel. S/he went back and sat on his/her throne. I noticed that s/he has looked older. S/he told me to it eat the dark thing. It was the food which I was forbidden to eat. S/he said it will make me more aware of 'them' (the elementals).

I ate it. I felt a tingling sensation in my body and felt light-headed for a few moments. Why can't I feel them?

"Because you are in my world." It was only then I realized I was in the astral world. It's like becoming aware that you're dreaming.

The spirit has become much older looking now, looking like a crone. S/he told me that I have to go. 
S/he didn't ask me to let him/her go like the other servient angels, but I still consciously 'let' her go.


19th Day: Orison
Last day of the Enochian initiation ritual
November 13, 2014

Experienced a sudden surge of force after the prayer. It was too much for me that I got astral paralysis ("nausog"). I was standing in the middle of a wide structure, it looked like a coliseum. There were four entities surrounding me, sitting on a throne. Further beyond, there were about thousands of other entities looking upon me. I noticed that I was standing at the center of a cross-like symbol, and then I realized it was the AGLA symbol at the back of the Sigilum Dei Aemeth 

An entity appeared before me. It is a sphinx - head of a bull, torso of a man, wings of an eagle, and feet of a lion. It almost looks like Baphomet. He was holding a necklace of golden chain, and placed it on me. After that, he put a silver/color-less chain on me. And lastly, a black chain. I stood there wondering what it was for, but the entities did not speak. It then gave me a sceptre and an orb. Without speaking, the creature "told" me to look at the orb. Suddenly, I found my (physical) self looking at the obsidian ball (like waking up from a dream). In the obsidian ball appeared an image of a caduceus. I couldnt remember very well, but I think I was told this was to be my "guide" or my "goal". Then, I realized my (physical) senses were very, very keen. I listened to the silence (it's 2AM), and heard unearthly sounds and a few disembodied voices. I looked around the room, and saw some figures from afar. However, I could not move my body. I went back to the astral landscape and there I met another entity, in the form of a bubbly, young woman. I asked if there were something else I should do, or something else they want to tell me. The following parts I could not remember for now, unfortunately. All I know is that it took me a great effort to bring myself back to my senses. I "woke" up from the vision with a throbbing headache (still have it in my head as I'm writing this).


Mage418 said...

Sweet your visions are awesome, I just finished making an enochian table of practice I kind of took your style and borrowed from your work, I haven't got to use the table yet I feel like I need to sharpen my astral vision skills.

Murmur said...

Nice! All the best on your journey! :)

Wesley Santos said...

Any books on astral vision ? Thanks in advance. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your creation process. I wanted to put together a complete enochian skrying table and was trying to figure out what things I could do myself and what things I'd need to just buy, but you've simplified things immensely for me... and portable, no less! Much appreciated.

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