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Enochian Journal 5: The 24 Seniors

Continuing the 19-day working and going a bit further down the hierarchy. After the God names, its now down to the seniors, which come to my mind as the twenty-four elder beings surrounding the heavenly throne in the book of Revelation, Donald Tyson grouped the seniors by four, so it is a six-day working for all of them. I prefer to use the Golden Dawn planetary correspondences for the Seniors and their assignment in the Great Cross although Tyson clearly has no love for Golden Dawn stuff.

The creatures that I encountered were more willing to converse, although I wasn't able to make sense out of most of what they were saying. Perhaps it's my abilities, or perhaps I haven't yet attained a level of wisdom to understand them. There were creatures that show some personalities, mostly arrogant. Some have given me strange gifts, which would only make sense later on. I think my skrying abilities have improved a bit. There were times when it was harder to go back to normal consciousness, but there were also times when I get paltry results.

I posted the journal entries below on Facebook soon after each skrying session. I still have to work on my memory retention as I tend to forget some stuff even just after the session. I tried recording my voice during the vision, but I feel awkward hearing myself talk and it tends to break the trance.

The Heavenly Throne by Peter Olsen

5th Day (a): The Seniors of Mars (Linea Spiritus Sancti I)
April 24, 2014

I'm taking a break from the 19-day working for a bit. I ran out of mana.

I just started on the invocations to the Kings and the 6 Seniors of each tablet. I was fumbling through the prayer because Donald Tyson has a different set correspondences (I'm basing on the Golden Dawn). I need to edit the prayers, and shall come back to the first set of seniors. No visions on the ball. I stopped early lest I end up 'forcing' the visions


5th Day (b): The Seniors of Mars (Linea Spiritus Sancti I)
May 5, 2014

I experienced, for the first time, what I would call as "astral paralysis". I thought I invented that word, but after googling I found out that the term actually exists. This was the first time I have actually had a dialog with "entities". After the invocation, I was taken to a structure in the clouds that look like a four-columned gazebo with a sculpture of a winged creature in each column. There was a large many-faceted blue crystal hovering above it, glowing and rotating like a planet. This, the gazebo, was where I meet the entities. I just couldn't describe their appearance. They're like shadows and light that form faces from time to time.

"Are you the Seniors of the Watchtowers?" - "We are what you called."
"Why didn't you appear before?" - "We have always been here."
"What is your domain?" - "We are one and many. We solidify, we create, we make things perfect, etc." (sometimes they speak all at once).

Etc etc...

After a while..

"I want to go back now." - "Take this" (it was a blue feather)
"What is this for? What does it do?" - "You will know"

I'm trying to go back but couldn't move my body. I was half-aware. I could see my surroundings but they look like they were throbbing, twisting - it was hard to describe. I could feel my body rocking back and forth gently, and I could hear my heartbeat . I was calling for help.

"Please let me go. Let me go, let me go, let me go." I was telling nobody in particular. But I was still paralyzed. After a few more minutes (or seconds, I couldn't tell). There was blackness, and I could feel I'm regaining my consciousness. I lost my balance and fell back. I was expecting to be dizzy or groggy when I got up but thankfully I wasn't.


6th Day: The Seniors of Jupiter (Linea Patri I)
May 14, 2014

A maelstrom in the middle of a stormy ocean. Four tiny islands seem to be floating / swirling around the center. Each of the tiny island has a palm tree of different colors. Apparently each of the tree was an angel. I spoke first to the turquoise-colored palm tree, SAIINOU. He said something about being a whisperer to the gods, and being a creator of life ex-nihilo. Then I spoke to the others: the yellow tree AAOXAIF the brown tree ACZINOR, the orange tree ADOEOET. It wasn't clear what they were saying, added to that, the waves were crashing loudly. One of the seniors told me that it was me who was muddled. "Rest now, Christian Fernandez". And so I finished the work and I did. It wasn't a particularly good time for scrying.


7th Day: The Seniors of Luna (Linea Filii I)
May 20, 2014

I think I'm getting better at using the skrying ball. After the invocation, a butterfly. The four parts of its wings were colored differently, and the colors were constantly changing. It was flapping its wings gracefully as if in slow-motion, without going anywhere, just hovering. Then it became a flower with four petals. After a while it changed again into a butterfly, then it faced me, its beady eyes looking at me.

"We are the seniors".

I find it curious. I was always the one to ask whether the entity that appears is the one that I called (and not an impostor or something). I should have verified first, but I forgot, I was already in astral-high. They claim to be the lords of pleasure, pleasure in the material world, etc. They/it were saying something like "pleasure is often worth a thousand pain", and some other clich├ęs. "Maybe you're the one that I need right now", I said. I forgot what it said in response. I ask them what other domain they lord over, but it said it isn't in my capacity to understand. Before I left, it gave me its tongue - a butterfly tongue, brown and spiral. I asked what it was for and the answer I got was the same as before: " you will know".


8th Day: The Seniors of Venus (Linea Spiritus Sancti II)
July 14, 2014

There was a flame that burst into four smaller flames. 
One became a blue butterfly and flew off.
One became a five-headed hydra made of fire (like the one in the Diablo PC game). It has no body, its long necks were rooted to the earth.
One became an earthworm, it dug into the soil until it found a seed. It united with the seed and the seed became a tree.
One became a bird with huge wings, which soared over an ocean.

Because the other creatures were gone, the only one left to speak to was the hydra.

Why have you chosen these forms? - "It was your choice, not ours."
Who was the butterfly? - LHCTGA
The bird? - APDOCE
The worm? - LGAIOL
(Not sure about the last two. I was trying to remember these while keeping my trance - it was challenging.) 
Then my eyes fell into one of the cards and see the name HAOZPI. That was the flame hydra. But he tells me he is also the others.

The hydra says that the butterfly is the messenger, the bird the watcher, the worm the cultivator, and he, the guardian.

He gave me a winged shoe. And as always, when I asked what it is for, I was told I will know.

When will that be? - "When the time comes"

I was annoyed. 'Ang labo nyong kausap', was all I could think about.

As soon as I said my farewell and began to pick my tools, a thunderstorm suddenly began to pour outside. I couldn't help but smile.


9th Day: The Seniors of Saturn (Linea Filii II)
July 22, 2014

I did the ritual earlier than usual, there were lots of outside disturbances. I was able to maintain pratyahara enough to get me into theta state. But it was a short session.

It was a human skull. There were still some rotting pieces of flesh on it. It was unmoving at first, then the holes of its eyes started bleeding. It opened its mouth a little and three serpents came out of it. From the nasal aperture, there came out what seemed like a caterpillar or a centipede, which crawled to the top and back of the skull. Two winged-cockroach like creatures appeared out of nowhere and perched on each of the eye-holes and started drinking the blood that's flowing from them. The skull opened its mouth again and I saw its tongue. It began to speak. It says it holds the secrets of the dead and the dying.

"The world of death has more secrets to treasure than the living"
I know. "No, you do not."
Are you really that whom I called? "Yes."
Prove to me. (It showed the sigil of Saturn.)
Prove me more. (It began to show letters spelling names, and I realize these are the names of people who will face death soon)
Stop. I do not want to know. "You are scared of me."
I don't know. I am scared of death. "I am death." It said something more. It was taunting me. Trying to scare me.
Are you giving me something, like the others? "You need not something from me."

etc. etc. my memory of the session is rusty. I was curious to know more but I couldn't hold the trance longer. I ended the ritual with a throbbing headache and wishing I wouldn't dream of this macabre image.


10thDay: The Seniors of Mercury (Linea Patri II)
August 12, 2014

What an adventure! The vision (the first part at least) was obviously influenced by my subconscious desire to watch the Guardians of the Galaxy again. What is interesting is that some characters reappear from my earlier visions, and I finally made use of the gifts that the spirits gave me in the earlier visions. It was true what they say: I would know when to use them.

I was in a spaceship, travelling somewhere in outer space. I saw a red planet from afar and decided to visit it. It was a fiery planet, with rivers and geysers of molten lava. My ship landed on a pool of lava and was consumed, thankfully I was able to get out before it sank. The five-headed fire hydra (8th day vision) was there, looming over me. It pointed me to a temple ruin. From the ruins I acquired an orb, which holds 'their secret', as the hydra told me. The planet began to rumble, with fountains of flames bursting forth here and there. Now I have to leave the planet, but I lost my ship. Then the hydra reminded me that it gave me a pair of winged shoes (from the 8th day vision). So I used them to flew off to outer space, where I ended up landing in a gray, dead planet.

It was a dark, grey, rocky planet, littered with bones and husks of giant insects. From a pile of insect corpses, there was the head of a giant dead moth protruding about. From somewhere, I pulled out the spiral tongue (a gift from 7th day vision) and attached it to the dead moth's mouth. It moved and spoke a word: "EXEMENARAO". Which oddly sounded like something from LNK. I saw that there was a cave nearby but the entrance was blocked by a huge boulder. I have a rusted key (which was given to me as well from a previous vision), but I could not find a key hole. I uttered the words EXEMENARAO, and the boulder moved away, freeing the entrance to the cave.

I explored the dark, damp, cave until I reached a passage leading upwards. It was too steep and I did not know how to go on. From the darkness I noticed that where was a sleeping giant nearby. Out of instinct, I pulled out the blue feather (a gift from 5th day vision) and I tickled its feet. It woke up (thankfully it didn't get mad at me, maybe it's the feather's magic) and I asked it to bring me through the passage upwards. I rode on its back till we reached the top where there was a golden door. On this golden door I was finally able to use my rusted key. I stepped in and fell down into the was a very long fall.

When I reached the bottom it was very dark. Suddenly a flash of very bright light appeared and there was a faceless, human-shaped entity, wearing a robe and a crown. Then, I realized there were two of them, then I saw six, then I realized that there were more and I was actually surrounded by these glorious, shining entities. The light they emitted was very bright and was changing colors. They were speaking to my head with loud, strange voices and in a strange language, I did not understand a thing. I was very confused. I was trying to cover my ears and was closing my eyes because of the blinding light. I reckon there must be 24 of these beings around me, all of the 24 seniors together, finally meeting me. The noise, the shining light and voices went on until it finally stopped. There was silence. I found that they were gone. But on the floor, I found my is no longer rusted, but it looks new, shining, and golden, and very beautiful. I picked it up knowing that it is the key that will lead me to the next group of angels in the hierarchy: The dispositors. Which are also known as the Cherubs.

It was an intense session. It took me a while to regain my consciousness.


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