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Enochian Journal 6: The Choir of the Cherubim

It's now down to the Cherubim after praying to the Gods and the Seniors of the Watchtowers. The books call these entities "kerubs" or "dispositors", but I like to use "cherub" for now because it looks more romantic. Of course, the creatures that have shown themselves in the visions are far from the classical cherubic images of babies with angel wings (those are putti, not cherubs, by the way).

My skrying skills are getting better after weeks of practice. I have learned not to focus only on the visual details of the entities and the landscape; I have also been trying to be aware of the sounds, the smell, the feel on my skin (warmth, coldness, humidity, dryness, etc.), as well as what I am feeling internally. I still have to work on my memory retention though. A magician friend advised me to practice on remembering dreams and that's what I've been doing.

One interesting thing that happened in the last skrying session was that I was no longer taken into an astral landscape to meet the entities. It was as if the entity itself "went down" to visit me in my own plane. It was kind of reminiscent of demonic magic, where the creatures appear before you.

11th Day: The Cherubim of Joining
(Dispositors of the Subangle of Air)
August 19, 2014

I was brought to a very strange landscape, I don't even know how to describe it properly. It was like a sea of clouds, but the 'clouds' here look different: they're gray, and feels more solid, like soapsuds in a washing machine, continuously shifting and moving, and occasionally glittering. Through the gray 'clouds' I could see that there were beings walking about here and there but I couldn't figure out what they look like. Finally one entity approached me and became my guide in the landscape. It was very tall, wearing a green robe and a red mask shaped like a five-pointed star, hiding its face and showing only the mouth. He claims he is an agent of BDOPA (one of the Cherubic God Names). We had some conversation about the nature of the kerubs of this plane as we walk by till we get to talk about their 'powers'.

"We can only create from that which already exists"
"Like craftsmen we build only from materials"
"Thought is our material"
"Life is our material"
"Form, color, taste, sound, our material"

I notice there are more strange shapes moving here and there as we walk through the landscape: a puppy, a fish, a lawnmower, a book floating on air. All sorts of shit.

What if I want something that has not existed yet?
"That is the office of the higher powers"
It must mean the Seniors or the Secret God Names.

It then goes on to say that they don't 'deliberately' destroy stuff.

"Destruction is born with creation. They come hand in hand."
"Destruction is not the end of things"
"Change is life"

Does stillness mean the end then?

"There is no stillness, no emptiness. They are what you cannot perceive."

(I think I've read that from a quantum physics book)

Etc. etc.

I was kind of disappointed as I was expecting the Kerubic plane to look exiting.


12th day: The Cherubim of Transporting
(Dispositors of the Subangle of Water)
August 29, 2014

My guide was a firefly about as big as a thumb but the light on its butt was shining as brilliant as a fluorescent lamp. I followed it till we found a hole on the ground. I jumped in and slid a long way down into the deepest recesses of the Earth. It was a large cavern with huge columns of crystals jutting from the walls, floor and ceiling. It reminds me of the Cave of Crystals in Naica, Mexico. My guide, the firefly, illuminates a large part of the cavern. The crystal columns have different, luminescent, shifting colors. I checked one of the crystals closely, and see that random images appear on them. I began to think that the crystal cavern might be a network of thoughts and experiences. I looked for my firefly guide and found that it's gone. But the crystals were luminescent enough that I could see a gigantic, caterpillar-like creature just a few meters in front of me. It was an agent of BANAA (cherubim of Water of Fire).

I asked: the book says you are the dispositors of Transporting. Is this your nature? It answered me something in the line of "Fuck the book, we are much more than that."

"If transportation is your domain, will you be able to take me to Paris?" I can see I'm getting comfy with Enochiana. It says it will just be like moving a grain of sand.

I figured their domain could be much more than just physical transportaion, but also the passing of information and ideas, and experiences.

[more chit chat chit chat...I couldn't remember most]

I began to feel very sleepy, the creature warned not to sleep in that place. Else, I will never be able to go back.

Eventually I felt very comfortable and more sleepy, I wanted to lie on the ground and just sleep there. But I knew I shouldn't. It was hard to shake myself off because I've gone deeper in the theta state. But I had to force myself hard to 'snap out' of it.


13th Day: The Cherubim of Sciences
(Dispositors of the Subangle of Earth)
September 2, 2014

It is one of those "low" days unfortunately. The conditions all seem to be perfect, the night was silent and I have easily worked my way to alpha state, but in the end, the result was unyieldy. After the invocation I waited for a few more minutes, but all I could see was a swirling smoke on the crystal ball.

I was about to wrap up and call it a night until I realized I am looking at an embryo of a serpent-like creature, moving around the egg/crystal ball. The egg cracked open and out came a winged-lizard (or a dragon, pterodactyl, or whatever), already an adult, which grabbed me by the shoulders, flew off, and dropped me somewhere.

There came a few short vague images of a prehistoric forest, and then there was me, hiding in the tall grasses from prehistoric monsters. I tried crawling my way into safety, but I was so slow, so I transformed myself into something like a fast-moving serpent and made my way up into a mountain slope. From here I can see the vast jungle, which abruptly changed into a modern city.

(The visions suck. It was more like random flashing images really.)

More vague images then out of somewhere came an alien-like creature with six arms. I think it is (an agent of) CNBR. I asked it to tell me about this realm.

"We canot tell you, our realm is to be discovered."

"We are not the realm of the mind, we are the realm of action."

Those were the only few details I could gather. I also realized we were inside a structure shaped like a dome with blinking lights, probably an alien spaceship. I tried to get some more details but it was a tough night for vision-work. The creature was ignoring me anyway. I stopped the session before I end up "forcing" the images.


14th Day: The Cherubim of Secrets
(Dispositors of the Subangle of Fire)
September 9, 2014

It was another winged angel this time. It taught me how to improve my vision and even taught me a cool, new skill: being in two places at once.

It's almost traditional-looking: robe, wings, halo, and all. Except that it has six, gray wings and four arms. Its robe is blue and white. I couldn't see its face at first. The first pair of arms was holding a golden goblet and a bell. The bell actually looks like the goblet turned upside-down. The second pair of arms holds two gruesome items: bloody, severed, heads, one male and one female.

"Why are you holding a cup and a bell? What do those mean?" It said something like, look into your heart and you will know (I forgot).

"Why could you not just tell me?" -- "Spoken language is not sufficient."

I was so focused on the creature that I did not realize at first that I was not in another landscape. It's as if the creature appeared in front of me, in my own room.

"Why are we here (in this mundane world)? Why am I not seeing you in a different landscape?" -- "There is no such different landscape. Everything is 'here'." I kind of get what it said.

"Why don't you have a face?" -- "It's just that you cannot 'see'?"

Then my vision got clearer. I saw the creature as if it materialized in front of me. Now I could even see the details on its robe, and its face, look like that of a barn owl.

"You're so beautiful. Did I really summon you?" -- "You did not summon me. We are always here."

After a few more conversations, which I barely remember now, the angel joined the cup and the bell together (Joining the hollow parts). It reminded me of the Angel in the Temperance card. The creature brought them apart, and out comes a golden key floating in mid-air. Just as I received a key in my last invocation with the Seniors, here it is again. I believe it is the key to the plane of the Servient angels.

I grabbed the key, and the creature instructed me to go down the ladder. I could not find a ladder, and then I realized it meant the stairs. I knew that he/she didn't mean for me to stand up and get down the stairs physically. But I could not figure out how to astral walk while maintaining a conversation/skrying session. I wasn't able to get it the first time, but I did eventually get to know how, with the creature's help. I had to close my eyes. Now this is hard to describe: I 'feel' and 'see' that I was walking on the floor, opening the door, getting down the steps, and at the same time, I also feel that I am sitting on my mat, with the creature in front of me.

It instructed me to use the key to enter our banyo.

There was a flash of golden light. Everywhere was filled with light, but I did not feel uneasy this time (unlike the last session with the Seniors). I feel that there were other creatures around me but I could not see them. On the floor, I see my key (for some reason it teleported there). But it looks different. It's no longer golden, but it looks like it's made of transparent glass with sparkling glitters in it.

Back in my room, the creature advised me not to stay much longer. And so that's how my exploration of the world of the Cherubim ended.


Guerric John said...

Question: How can you tell when you are in alpha state?

Christian Fernandez said...

It's the state between normal waking consciousness and sleep/deep meditation. Like when you're drowsing or daydreaming. The body is very relaxed, the breathing is shallow, and the consciousness is somewhat half-way between the dream world and the material.

Guerric John said...

Then how do you maintain that level of recall in between states? For me, I seem to be aware of this "in-between" world but I'm always on the periphery and not interacting or engaging these entities, voices, music, etc. Sometimes I can recall what I hear especially music, but I start to drift to sleep. Sometimes I feel that these "beings" are talking about me however, I feel like if there was something, some message they actually want to convey, they would do so directly. Maybe I'm just chickenshit..haha.

Christian Fernandez said...

Inter-state memory recall is actually pretty difficult. As you may have read in my journal, there are a lot of "I don't remember..." and "I'm not sure but...". My work-around is to record everything I can remember immediately after the vision work. I find that jumping in and out of the astral world and memory recall does take some skill. A friend suggested working on dream recall. Im also working through exercises from a book called "Brain Magick" (by Philip H. Farber). I'm not there yet but I'm working on it.

When I also started this work I was also a mere observer. But after few more sessions, the entities I met started talking to and interacting with me.

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