Thursday, May 20, 2010

Enochian Fire Wand

I purchased a dignum wand during a visit to Mt. Banahaw as a souvenir but I wasn't really able to use it at first since it looked like something security guards use to inspect bags with. It was perfect however as a base for a fire wand because of its shape. Eventually I was able to turn this meager stick into a holy symbol of the magician's burning will with enough acrylic paints. 

On its sides are inscribed the words EDLPRNAA, BITOM, and the Hebrew ADNI (Adonai) - all relating to fire. The four red nodes represent the four fires of alchemy. I use this wand to touch the Enochian letters on the Holy Table while vocalizing their names to 'activate' (ignite) them. It is also used in the usual way when invoking the angels themselves or reciting the calls.

Christeos Pir!


SubPerceptual said...

It is a nice looking rod. I remember one of my first being salvaged from the leg of a dining room chair - much carving, shaping, sanding, and painting and it was a precious tool for many years to follow. Do you still use this one?

Murmur said...

Thanks! I haven't been doing ceremonial magic stuff these days so unfortunately it's now just gathering dust in the cupboard. My oak wand is getting all the attention now. :)

Anon said...

Just out of curiosity, how did you decide on Adonai for fire? Most folks I know use Elohim.

Anon said...

Beautiful wand, BTW!

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