Saturday, January 22, 2011

Old Manila Coffee House

I always pass by this little coffee shop on Dela Rosa street whenever I walk to the mall from the gym and I've been curious about it the first time I saw it. The decor is so quaint and homely and it looks so out of place with all the other establishments around the area, which mostly consist of boring-looking condominiums and corporate buildings.

One day after the usual Saturday morning stuff, I finally decided to spend my afternoon here. I ordered   cappuccino and a slice of apple pie, which weren't great but weren't really bad either. The ambiance, however, was just perfect. It was drizzling outside, an old movie was playing on the TV, and I had the place all by myself. I must have spent a few hours just reminiscing and laughing to myself as I lazily sip my lukewarm coffee. It was a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of my corporate weekdays.

Ultimately it was one of those precious "dolce far niente" moments.

Old Manila Coffee House
Unit 9 Prince Plaza 2, Dela Rosa St., 
Makati City

Blessed be!


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