Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm back. (I hope.)

Last year, I worked a spell to overcome my internet addiction, and while it did wonders on the quality of my life - having had less screen time and more real time - it sort of backfired at me: my personal emails have become a spammy mess and my blog has been catatonic.

 I also discovered Instagram, which has become sort of my mini-blog, and which is why you shall see more of these grainy photos from now on since it's a lot easier to carry a phone than a big-ass SLR camera.

Some friends also began to think that I had decidedly become a 'cowan' and left the magical life entirely. LOL. Silly friends. I am magic.

The local occult/pagan community seems to have quieted down anyways so there are quite a few events to write about. Most of the people's interests these days are leaning towards New Age and/or 'psychic' stuff that I really couldn't care about.

As for me, I'm still going strong with my (almost) daily asana-pranayama-meditation routine which I started a year ago. But since this year started, I haven't been personally celebrating any pagan feasts even though I'm still a member of the Arn nDraiocht Fein and have yet no intention to leave. I have gotten a bit lazy on Brighid's feast day, and Spring Equinox just doesn't make sense to me. I'm not particularly keen on celebrating the coming High Days either. I still keep and maintain an altar to the orishas but my cultus to the Lord of Iron has come to a hold. So there, I'm currently in pagan-practice limbo. It's as if I suddenly got tired of following established pagan traditions. I've become so lazy that I even had to 'hire' a friend to offer to the gods for me. Still, I'm a happy plain vanilla pagan.

Oh yeah. I'm going back to Enochian magic, which will be sort of a challenge since I have given all my high magic implements away. But then, beginning from scratch also has its merits. I think I've become wiser and more experienced now to handle the Work™, and the mental and physical training I have undergone through I believe is enough to protect me from the ill-effects it may bring about. Enochian for me is an adventurer's magic - it's scary yet fulfilling.

Shit. It's been three years since I last used this. How do you switch this thing on?

This is the first post for 2014, I'm really hoping there will be much more to come this year. Meanwhile, time to work on those drafts, or maybe I'll just post some of my vacation photos for now.


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