Sunday, March 21, 2010

Las Siete Potencias: Birth, Death, and Rebirth

The male orishas of the seven African powers: as a Pagan and a mystic, their qualities and parables hold a deeper meaning for me.

We embark on our journey in life at the crossroads as ELEGGUA, the child, foolish and carefree.

As we face adversities in our chosen paths we are hardened and become the warrior that is OGUN, lord of iron.

We learn that there are forces that are beyond our control, and as we become wiser we understand the value of yielding. The warrior becomes the king, SHANGO, who in defeat hanged himself on the tree of Ayan.

And through this act of self-sacrifice, we are born anew, resurrected as OBATALA, king of kings, radiant in white cloth, whose wisdom shines upon all.

As child, warrior, king, and wise man, their stories represent the stages of man's journey towards enlightenment and the mysteries of birth, death, and resurrection - mirrored in the narrative of the Horned God of Wicca, the myths of the solar gods, and the life of Jesus Christ.

Maferefun ELEGUA.
Maferefun OGUN.
Maferefun SHANGO.
Maferefun OBATALA.

Maferefun OLOFIN.


Basbasan Nawa!


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