Sunday, July 18, 2010

Notebooks of Shadows

These decade-old disheveled stacks of spiral notes are the closest things to what I would consider "Book of Shadows". By contrast, these are actually far more glamourous than the Cattleya filler-journals that I keep today.

Uniting Chaos and Order. Trying merge some aspects of Zos Kia Cultus with Hermetic Kabbalah and gnosticism. I imagined TZIMTZUM, the kabbalistic concept of the contraction of infinity to measurable space and time, to be synonymous to a perfect circle getting pinched (by the Prime Mover) into some form and thus resulting to new dimensions, as well as giving birth to the concept of beginning, duration, and end - which is I A O for the gnostics, the trimurti for the Hindus, and Eos, Alfiga, and Min-goreth in my crazy autistic world. 

A table of the shemhamephorash. Useful for calling those devilish little helpers.

Creating meta-models. These are written in my invented language. 
Most of it I can no longer remember the meaning. I still remember quite well the names I've given to the four elements: Aglarilepto, Agiropardalli, Akivathi, Allithera - the bestowing, the absorbing, the ethereal, and the material.

These diagrams show how magic works -- at least according to Murmur in 2001.

Something from my Wicca days. Vlezzed ve.

Basbasan Nawa!


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