Friday, July 30, 2010

Deviant Moon

After seeing this hauntingly beautiful deck online a few weeks ago I immediately felt that I just got to have it, but my left brain - and my credit card statement - were telling me that I have too many tarot decks already, and getting another one might just be a waste. But so now I finally and unashamedly gave in to my desires and I'm not having a single ounce of regret for it.

The package from Amazon arrived aptly on the day of the Full Moon. After getting over my "opening the box" moment I took it for a test drive and slapped down a Celtic cross, and the meanings and images just flowed smoothly like melting butter from my subconscious. I realized I needed this deck more than I thought: my other tarot decks (namely Rider-Waite, Enochian, and Thoth) are so profusely infused with occult symbolism that they tend to lend themselves more to meditative and magical practices than divination. This deck is comparatively so much simpler and easier to read. The problem is I find it really pretty that I really don't wanna touch them with my filthy, sweaty hands.

Bathala Nawa!


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