Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to Deal with Magical Attack

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
-- Napoleon Bonaparte

1. Shrug your shoulders in dismissal and heave out a sigh of boredom. There are a lot more worthwhile things to do than waste precious moments of your life on some loser who's got too much spare time in his hands. Let them waste their time on yours instead, and get on with your life with a smile. Indifference is power.

2. Avoid doing counter-spells as best as you can. Some occult practitioners tend to wallow in the romanticist and fantastical notion that someone has cast an evil spell on them, and that they have to make use of their magical powers to protect themselves. But the more you spend time on the enemy, the more you empower them and allow yourself to be a victim. In most cases, the perpetrator of the "malevolent spell" only serves as a catalyst, it is the victim who has been consumed by anger, hatred, fear or paranoia who actually ends up destroying himself. As the Buddha says: "Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts". Remember that shit can happen in everyday life whether you have been cursed or not. 

3. It's really more of a psychological battle than a magical one. Do not give the attacker the pleasure of believing that his spell had been successful. Avoid posting negative status messages on your Facebook. (e.g. "I feel sick today", "What a horrible day I had", etc). On the other hand, don't try too hard appear smug or unaffected. Some people aren't that naive.

4. Real magical curses do exist however, albeit not as frequent as most people think. In circumstances where it is necessary to cast a spell to banish the curse; whatever the method, modality or magical system used, the most important ingredient is absolute faith and confidence in the Higher Power, whatever you have chosen to conceive It to be (God/dess, orisha, the Self, Nameless-and-Ambiguous-Supreme-Cosmic-Being, etc.). Work your magic in perfect love and perfect trust as the Wiccans would put it, and then, like launching a guided missile, fire and forget.

5. It goes without saying that lashing out with an offensive counter-spell would only make things worse. And while protection, healing, and banishing spells can be helpful, it would be much more worthwhile to take out the root of the conflict itself. Banish the demons of misunderstanding and envy and invoke the gods of Wisdom and Logic, for yourself as well as your "opponent".

Basbasan Nawa!


Magicworx said...


Divine wisdom truly flows through you.

Taking down one notch however, a Black Mamba set to active defense and a Dome Protector guarding your astral not such a bad idea either.

And having Astral bodyguards, as you do, is also a major major plus plus.

Murmur said...

Thanks a lot, Magicworx! :)

Oh yes, that is one really useful tip.

6.) Having 'astral bodyguards' in any form - servitor, egregore, nature spirit, ancestral spirits (egun), etc. - is very highly recommended. They are also convenient to have too in case you don't have time to set-up defenses regularly (tower of light, LBRP, etc.). They still require constant energy feeding though.

Also, I never leave the house without bringing a magical implement in my person. :)

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