Sunday, October 23, 2011

Money, Money, Maneki Neko

 Nothing says "money, money, come to me" like a golden magical beckoning cat.

I was walking along a flea market when I saw a bunch of maneki nekos looking so cute waving at me. Not being able to resist their charm, I grabbed myself a small one and decided that I would pimp it up when I get home. I have made many magical charms in the past but none have been as kitschy as this.

The first thing I did was to find some flat container to put the cat on. Whilst scouring the supermarket I found a red plate with a polka dot pattern. It looks tacky but I think it’s very appropriate. Red is an auspicious color in China, and polka dots has always been associated with money among Pinoys. Along the border of the plate I glued some powerful magnets from my old broken earphones – for “attraction” of course.

I created an eight-sided gold and red ofuda (paper talisman) which I attached onto the cat’s waving arm with a piece of string and glue. The spirit food for the cat-servitor is coins and sometimes, a light tapping of fresh bills like what some superstitious merchants do to their goods when they receive their first sale of the day. I placed the cat facing the front door for good feng shui, and for good measure, I placed beside it a lump of jade for good fortune and an orgonite pyramid for generating positive energies. I named my cat “Kin’gyo”, meaning “goldfish” in Japanese.

Money still comes from hard work and self-discipline of course. But sometimes it does seem to appear magically right before you. There was one instance, for example, when I was cleaning my old bookshelf – and found my forgotten hidden stash of money which have fallen from one of the books.

I think my cat was trying to impress me.

Basbasan Nawa!


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