Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Feast for Hekate of the Storms

Last year Aldrin, Pol, Ish and I came together to celebrate the feast of one of neopaganism’s most important deities. We honored Hekate as the lady of the underworld, and now we honor Her as queen of heaven. This time the intentions were less personal, the theme more significant, and on a superficial level, the ritual was less “darker” – no burning pharmakos, no chicken hearts; in broad daylight and incidentally under some threatening rain clouds.

“We ask of You to defend us now as you did then, to guard and watch over our land and our grain from ravaging storms and raping gales, from the terrible onslaught of heaven’s spears. ” Khairete Hekate Ouranie!

Pol performs  a traditional babaylan ritual to appease the indigenous spirits

Offerings to the spirits of the land

Aldrin leads the ritual.

Devotees of Hekate Ourania wearing white.

A "Greek" dance to celebrate the feast

Altar to Hekate Ourania

Basbasan Nawa!


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