Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hallowed Hekatesia

I just had a truly wonderful time celebrating the feast of Hekate with some pagan friends. Honestly I know very little about the 'Lady of Three' nor Hellenic Paganism as a whole, but thankfully one of us was a Hellenistic reconstructionist and one's a Wiccan devotee of Hekate who both know very well about Her rituals and lore.

After some walking we found a lovely ritual spot among the groves of the UP campus in QC. It was damp, muddy and creepy, but it was perfect. There were classes still going on and people occassionaly passing by somewhere near, but the Lady kept us hidden in the mist and drowned our voices among the sounds of the creatures of the night. The sky was flashing with lightning, but I was hearing no sounds of thunder. The winds were strong enough to keep us cool, but light enough not to extinguish the candle flames. Some of us were creeped by the nature spirits watching by, but the feeling was to be replaced with the overwhelming presence of the Divine during the ceremony - in which we communed, invoked, danced and feasted. All in all it was a very magical evening.

The altar to Hekate. I particularly love the tsikuri with crow feathers.

Into the pharmakos we pass our worries.

Grains of rice, holy water, and incense smoke were used to purify the place.

The pharmakos is burnt, i.e. symbolically sacrificed.

A dark veil covers half of his face, in honor of 
Hekate Amphiprosopos - the double-faced Queen

Chicken hearts and a skull-shaped candle are among the implements of the altar.

Preparing for the feast.

Khaire Hekate!


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