Sunday, August 29, 2010

Double Double Cauldron Babble

"Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble."
-- Shakespeare, Macbeth

The cauldron must be on par with the swastika as one of the most misinterpreted religious symbols in history. It is a most auspicious symbol even in Pagan traditions outside of Wicca, but contemporary culture has done so much to tarnish its significance that it is now rare to find a depiction of the cauldron without bones, tentacles, ooze and evil-looking green smoke coming out of it.

The cauldron of the Welsh goddess Kerridwen is the most revered artifact in Druidism, being the source of Awen or, roughly translated, poetic inspiration. In the West African religion of Ifa, the cauldron is associated with Oggun, the lord of iron and of work. As such it represents the creative force, from which all actions are rooted from. Even in the wisdom of the Far East, in the I Ching, one should be very happy when Ting (the cauldron) comes out of a reading, as it denotes supreme good fortune.

A makeshift cauldron, with the symbol of the Awen.

Taking advantage of the moon in Aries, I managed to gather some rain water during the full moon and used it to wash my iron cauldron with along with a bunch of oregano leaves from my mom's flower pot. True to its meaning I was immediately inspired to take some 'witchy' photos of the cauldron for an online magic shop - despite having not slept for 24 hours. I had to use eight candles and a flash light to get the perfect lighting, and took me about an hour to get the right shot. But with all the toil and trouble, I'm happy with what I managed to come up with.

May the cauldron of the Lady Kerridwen continually grant us divine inspiration, and may the Lord Oggun guide our hands at its working.

Basbasan Nawa!


voodoo girl said...

amazing pictures... thank you, thank you :)

those up above and down below have truly blessed you!

Murmur said...

Thanks voodoogirl! heheh :)

krissy said...

Excuse me but i am so amazed by this cauldorn of the lady Kerridwen but i was wondering were may i purchase this from or similar like this product?

please contact me by email which is please...thank you so much!

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