Saturday, September 4, 2010

Prayers for the Hostage Victims

Different in creed, but united in prayer.

Some friends and I dropped by at the site of the hostage taking incident today. I'm not sure what was more depressing: seeing the site of the incident itself, or seeing people having their pictures taken in front of the flowers and condolence signs faking a sad face, doing sexy poses, or otherwise smiling gleefully as if they're in a vacation spot. I could only let out a sigh of disappointment while wondering what in all the seven hells of the Qlipoth those people were thinking.

The agnihotra ceremony we performed at the temporary memorial site must have attracted dozens of onlookers and stopped several passing vehicles. I didn't bother to look but I could tell by how frequent cameras were flashing around us. I shouldn't be surprised: the park was still quite busy at 6PM, and we were six weirdos sitting in the middle of the road creating bonfire out of cow manure, chanting some strange stuff, and scattering flower petals all over the pavement. Although I'm usually self-conscious when being watched, I wasn't giving a single damn, but I was really hoping we wouldn't appear in the evening news later.

The hostage incident left two countries scarred and wounded. Speculations and exchanging of opinions during the days that passed thereafter just seemed to make the hurt become deeper and deeper. What I saw on TV during that day has also affected me deeply. I just pray for peace and healing for those who passed on, as well as those of us who are left behind wounded.


My pareidolia lets me see an Om symbol in this flame.

Basbasan Nawa.


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