Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Un-resolution

I want to unwant some things from this year on.

I'm tired of searching for that pot of gold; I'll just happily wallow in the colors of the rainbow.

I'm not wishing for an undo button in life. I'm happy with my past as it is. It may not be much to look at, but it's mine.

I do not wish to become like the people I see day by day: sauntering through life like a donkey with a dangling carrot, or galloping through it like a raging bull.

The Buddha probably nailed it right about desire being the cause of our daily suffering.

But not desiring anything at all would be not living at all. For now I'm happier as a taxpayer than an ascetic living in the mountains, thank you.

I could at least however streamline my wanting. Quality over quantity.

"What's important?"

Simple question. But before I answer that, I would have to get my head off the clouds and look at my life as it is. What do I need? And what do I want? Really?

No "basbasan nawa" for now. I have all the blessings that I need coming from me. :)


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