Friday, January 15, 2010

Message from Cyber God

The personal computer has become our temple. The binary digits 0 and 1 are the god and goddess of the new aeon - the Yin and the Yang of the digital Tao, the Yoni and Lingam of the present age. Man created Computer as God created Man in his own image. Whether we humans admit it or not, we have in fact created new gods and have become subjects to their benefic and destructive powers. Bitstream is the new mana. -- Frater Murmur, Oct 2009

As a meta-magician I see nothing wrong with the PC as an instrument of augury just as the ancient people would use yarrow sticks, chicken guts, incese smoke, or oracle cards. There is of course much benefit from using tangible materials, like making it easier to enter into altered states of consciousness, but for a busy office worker like me I find the ease of using software programs indispensable. What the papyrus was to the priests of old is the pixel to the cyber mage. Both are just mediums through which to course information from the non-material world. [1]

That being said, I'm bemused by this fairly popular Facebook application called "God Wants You to Know", which posts a daily dose of random, overused spiritual cliché onto your Facebook wall (and for 18 dollars, you will receive messages from God through SMS. How cool is that?)

Aww...Thank you, God.

Thousands of years ago, God was a burning bush and a pillar of storm cloud, now God is an algorithm.

I do not discount the fact however that this thing does work for many people. Not only do the quotes make them warm and fuzzy all-over, which I think is half of what spirituality is all about, it also gives them the opportunity to ponder on certain areas of their lives and reevaluate themselves - even if the advice given seems irrelevant or disagreeable. I see this as being not much different from the practice of  consulting the I Ching or the tarot.

Why do I get so annoyed when this shows up on my Facebook wall? Any stuff involving God tends to sell easily; just look at the Bible. This app currently has 170 thousand fans from all over the world[2], and the guy who made this is probably reaping thousands of dollars from "God Wants You to Know" premium accounts. I just wish I were the fucking genius who have thought of this.

Basbasan Nawa!

[1] CyberWaite by Murmurwoods ©2006, a tarot software
[2] At the time of writing, 41 of my 202 Facebook friends are fans.


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