Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yipee Yule

Dec 26, 2009 - I woke up at dawn to meet up with Pol and Ariel to celebrate the Yule Sabbat during the sunrise. It was quite a feat to do after staying up late on a busy Christmas day. We met at McDonald's, then took the cab to Quezon City Memorial Circle.

It was still dark when we arrived, and we were surprised to see the place in utter disaster. A lot of people have spent their Christmas day in the park and now there were junk everywhere. The park janitors have not even begun to do their cleaning since it was still too early. After about half an hour of walking around we finally found a relatively clutter-free area for the Sabbat ritual. Pol and Ariel have their complete Wiccan implements but I only had my camera. I found a fairly thick, fallen branch and made it into a Yule log for the altar so I could contribute something.

Some tools of the craft. I wonder where they got the acorns and pines from.

The ritual was short and simplistic but it was all the time that I needed amidst a busy holiday season to be introspective. 2009 was a tough year for me, possibly one of the toughest ever. I reflected upon my belief that these difficulties are just part of the natural cycle and accepted them as something that I can learn from and help me grow. I prayed for wisdom and hoped that the wheel will turn so that the coming year will be easier.

Pol used my camera for the first time and made a wonderful picture of me in prayer.

Gathering some willow leaves.

After the ritual we walked for what seemed to be a thousand miles to the UP sunken gardens to gather some willow. I rarely go to UP and when I do, I always arrive on a vehicle. Walking helped me really appreciate how vast and beautiful this place is. We try to name the trees and plants that we pass by and talk about our different practices, so even if our feet hurt, we were not only entertained but learned new stuff as well.

The new born sun rising behind an Acacia tree.



Basbasan Nawa!


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