Saturday, March 5, 2011

Memories of Bali (Hai)

Sate Ayam. More than just barbecued chicken.

I was going to categorize this under Spirituality, but I realized we actually did more eating than "spiritualitizing", ergo the Food category.

It's Nyepi, or Balinese New Year. In Bali, it is actually celebrated with fasting and silence. But we at Medicine for Gaia would have it otherwise. After about an hour of our monthly meeting and homa session, we headed straight to our newly-found grounding spot: Bali Hai in Quezon City.

The laing, sate ayam and ginseng tea are all good and heavenly, but when I tasted the nasi goreng, I reached nirvana.

Having fun with the decor.

Ginseng Tea. Warm on top, and ice cold on the bottom. Nice use of physics.

A candle-lit dinner outdoors, with a light drizzle to cool us off.



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