Sunday, February 6, 2011

La Fheile Brighid: A Solitary Imbolc

I truly enjoyed and learned so much from my little Imbolc feast. This time, I cooked the ritual food by my own. What better offering to the muse of creativity than something you created yourself? I actually spent more time in the kitchen than in front of the altar. But then, the kitchen is the modern hearth. Here is the true altar of Brighid.

Brighid's Flames

Imbolc food: bannocks with raisins, honey-sweetened milk with a pinch of nutmeg, and clarified butter. Too much dairy for poor lactose-intolerant me, but I had fun making them

Eight candles partly submerged in a pan of water representing the Fire and the Well, to call upon the blessings of Brighid.

Boiling butter. Mmm, smells good!

Adopted the ADF practice of using augury to determine the message of the Kindreds. True to the spirit of the season, the first rune that was drawn was Cen - "Fire".

Butter. And butter clarified.

It's all about fire and creativity. So it makes more sense to cook my own food.

Beannacht oraibh!


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