Friday, September 30, 2011

Cabbages and Condoms

I usually just put all the foodie photos from my travel in one post but this restaurant deserves a special space as you can see in the title.

I was already templed-out on my fourth day in Bangkok so I decided it was time to visit one of the most popular attractions in the modern parts of the city. In Bangkok, being a such a lustful city, the rate of STD is quite high among the population. Cabbages and Condoms in Sukhumvit is a unique restaurant that promotes great sex along with safe food.

I mean, safe sex along with great food.

Mieng Khum. Traditional Thai appetizer. Dried coconuts, cashew, chili pepper, lime, honey sauce, etc rolled into some kind of leaf.

They have a nice souvenir shop too. All I bought was some key chains (with condoms in it).

When to use a condom. Educational and efficient.

 Although the theme is whimsical, the ambiance is classy. The waiters were quite attentive too.

 Cabbages and Condoms steak. I love the spicy sauce.

Papaya salad which comes with the steak. It was really worth the price. 

They have no mints so they give condoms instead.

 Mona Lisa holds a condom (filled with stuff). Now I know why she's smiling like that.

Condom people greeting you by the door.

The way to restaurant.


Aldrin said...

Shetz! I have to eat there!

Also, why is your blog theme so awesome? ANO'NG LAYOUT 'TO!?! XD

Murmur said...

Eep! You visited too early I'm still renovating the house. :D

Nakalimutan ko na yata haha. I think 'Impressive' yung pangalan ng theme. XML file sya that you have to upload. I'm doing some nip and tuck in the code to adapt it to my taste.

The title logo is also custom made. :D

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