Friday, September 30, 2011

Food in Bangkok

One more thing to love about Bangkok aside from its ultra-cool Asian culture is that almost everything there is cheap. I have to say, sometimes even cheaper than in Manila.

And then of course, there's the food. THE food.

My favorite place to eat was Sampeng Lane, which is a narrow, noisy and bustling street with lots stalls and merchants walking by hawking their goods. Since it was just a short walk from the hotel I get to hang out there every morning, grabbing every interesting-looking food that I see, gobbling it up while walking along and joining in the hustle and bustle of the market filled with the incessant calls of "sawadee kha!". "Sawadee kha", I swear, is much nicer-sounding and inviting than the "yes ser, yes mam, bili na po kayo" of Divisoria.

Welcome to Thailand, where even street food is gourmet.

The legendary hotness of Tom Yum Goong. My tears, sweat and snot must have gotten mixed in to that soup. I'm a disgrace to Bicolanos.

I swear that sauce must got some heroin in it.

A nice way to cool off after visiting a museum of human corpses and disemboweled organs.

Thonburi area. The street outside looks somewhat like Recto. But in Recto you wouldn't be able to find something like this.

Dining in the red light district of Patpong. Green Curry and beer.

Dragonfruit shake, dalandan shake, tomato shake, balimbing shake. This is way better than any of those fruitshake stands in our malls.

KFC spicy chicken and egg tart and some salad thing.

Black rice with cashews, and sauteed mutton.

Grilled saba. Perfect energy food for street trekkers.

Pomegranate juice. Can't have enough of it.

Peking duck on green noodles. At Chinatown.

Pad Thai at the airport. The street variety is much better.

I usually don't like PAL's food but it seems they were making up for the delay. That chocolate pudding from Bizu was unexpected. I swear to have one when I get back at Makati.

Sawadee krap!


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